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Greg Stevenson: Exploring Paris

Tuesday, August 12th, 2014

Greg Stevenson recently worked on a large, yet to be unveiled project which featured this clean line art style.  Feeling inspired by this and his love of Paris, Greg has created this map/infographic of Paris and spin-off poster designs.  To see more visit Greg’s portfolio here.

©Greg Stevenson_GS752_i2iArt©Greg Stevenson_GS753_i2iArt©Greg Stevenson_GS754_i2iArt

Ian Phillips: The Wiggle in Your Walk Must Go

Thursday, July 31st, 2014

Chiropractor, Dr. Richard Robinson, approached i2i art to have Ian Phillips illustrate a cover for his new book addressing a phenomenon that he’d observed and treated for years.  Apparently the vast majority of us have a little wiggle when we walk that actually translates into back problems over time.  In his helpful guide he offers suggestions to deal with the wiggle and thus the back.  The question that begs asking is, how many of us are willing to let go of our little swagger?

Ian ended up wearing both his designer and illustrator hats as he approached this assignment.  The striking illustration that emerged from his concept and evocative type treatment work beautifully to communicate what the good doctor had in mind.  Don’t you just love the illustrative direction this project took Ian in?  There’s a bit more realism and retro and together it’s fabulous!

Ian writes in his blog:  “This was a fun project, I think I probably drew about fifty pairs of shoes before I got the right look for this! Note the continued stripe pattern in the fabric folds at the knee, the pockets, and repeated on the bottom of the shoe and on her t-shirt. Adds a little playfulness.”

To see more of Ian Phillip’s illustrations visit his portfolio.

©Ian Phillips_IP1409_i2iArt

Tim Zeltner for the Riverdale Farm

Tuesday, July 22nd, 2014

When the Riverdale Farm’s Stewardship Group first approached i2i art to commission a whimsical yet functional map of the Riverdale Farm, Tim Zeltner was chosen for his rich hand painted folk art style (actually painted on wood), and the journey to discover and depict the Farm in all it’s wonder began!  Below you will see Tim really captures this gem in the heart of downtown Toronto.  The map illustration will be used on marketing materials and a give-away map for visitors.  To see more of Tim Zeltner’s magical paintings visit his updated portfolio here.


Recently I attended the wonderfully successful Riverdale Farm Aid 2014 benefit, which thanks to all the enthusiastic support and dedication of it’s volunteers and the community, raised the grand sum of $24,000!  At the event, the map (commissioned by the RFSG) and created by Tim Zeltner was unveiled. and large archival prints were auctioned off to benefit the farm.

Tim Zeltner donated the original painting below to The Farm where it will be housed in the main ‘Residence’

©Tim Zeltner_TZ444_i2iArt

Below is one of the large archival quality prints Tim donated being auctioned off at the event!


There was a terrific crowd and the fundraising was a big success!


An awfully cute wooly resident of the farm, not too bothered by the crowd that night nibbles on some fresh local produce.


The fabulous Lemon Bucket Orkestra:  A big hit!


Tour the Farm, visit the animals and chat with the farmer during daily chores.  It’s a delightful way to spend a day in the ‘country’ without leaving the city!

More information here:  Riverdale Farm’s Facebook page | Riverdale Farm (City of Toronto Web site)

Congratulations to the Riverdale Farm Stewardship Group and thank you for caring so much and working so hard to preserve this very important part of the city of Toronto!

Ian Phillips: Banners

Monday, June 2nd, 2014

Some years back, Ian Phillips created a version of these wonderful editorial headers for a small press magazine.  They were used in the design of the various sections:  Book Review, Letters, Contributors and Editor’s Note.


Recently I was chatting with Ian about how much I liked these lovely conceptual images and he enthusiastically offered to revisit them in his fresh new style adding text using his new hand created font.  To see more of Ian’s updated portfolio please visit here.


Voila!  People reviewing books…(chop, chop)

©Ian Phillips_IP1042_i2iArt

Not so friendly letters to the editor…(shall we say fuming?)


Ian says the Contributor’s piece was based on the fact that there’s always one bad egg in the bunch. Can you guess who the spoon is? (clue:  it starts with ‘E’)

©Ian Phillips_IP1040_i2iArt

Ah yes!  And there’s always the editor’s note…quite possibly signed in blood!

©Ian Phillips_IP1041_i2iArt


Mark Hoffmann: Love – Love

Wednesday, May 28th, 2014

Mark Hoffmann has a quirky sense of humor and an uncanny way of communicating his ideas–often in a word or two!  To see more of what he has to say with his fun (if not irreverent) conceptual art, take a peek at his updated portfolio here.

©Mark Hoffmann_MH236_i2iArt

Clare Owen: Infographic for Verily Magazine

Thursday, May 8th, 2014

Clare Owen has a way of taking even the most dry material and making it look nothing less than lovely!  When approached to illustrate a feature about Building a Budget (Without Breaking a Sweat) for Verily magazine, Clare developed this fun and informative infographic.  With the help of this little chart, I think one could easily do it, no sweat!  She actually makes is look fun!  To see more of Clare’s charming infographics and other delightful illustrations, check out her updated portfolio here.

©Clare Owen_CO185_i2iArt

New from Eili-Kaija Kuusniemi

Monday, February 24th, 2014

Love these images by Eili-Kaija!  We’re proud to share her exciting updated portfolio with you here. The limited sepia palette and soft blush background with a splash of color in her gorgeous hand lettering is so evocative.

©Eili-Kaija Kuusniemi_EK511_i2iArt

Note the way this rich watercolor/mixed media piece playfully and sensually suggests the ‘nose’ on this wine…

©Eili-Kaija Kuusniemi_EK505_i2iArtSpring Is In The Air


Ian Phillips maps a tasty treat!

Thursday, February 20th, 2014

Persian’s are a delicious treat Ian encountered in Northern Ontario.  Fascinated by the phenomenon, he illustrated this map highlighting where Persian’s can be found.  Ian says, “Legend has it that sometime in the 1930s a Mr. Bennett baked the very first Persian in honour of a guest visiting from the Middle East. A conflicting story declares the delicacy was named after its American cousin, the Pershing, which was named after General Pershing. Others claim the Five Star Bakery originated the special treat as a means to sell day-old cinnamon buns.  Debate over the secret ingredient in the icing — whether it’s raspberry, cherry, or strawberry — also continues to this day.  Although Persians now abound throughout The Lakehead region, confrontations over which bakery produces the most authentic pastry have created a permanent melee throughout The Great Northwest.”  To see more of Ian Phillip’s maps and other illustrated treats visit here.


Greg Stevenson for Canadian Living

Wednesday, February 19th, 2014

Combining Greg Stevenson’s hand lettering, info graphic icons and layered photo-illustration adds a fun, upbeat mood to these stories of courage, art directed by Stephanie White.  In this recurring feature, called A Year of Firsts 2014, meet and be inspired by the people who embraced a whole year of trying new things, whether facing fears or embracing change.  Peruse more of Greg’s illustration here.

GS687_A_Year_of_Firsts©Greg Stevenson_GS691_i2iArtTheresa Albert
©Greg Stevenson_GS689_i2iArtChristina Campbell

Katy Dockrill for National Drapery

Monday, February 10th, 2014

When art director Lila Graham first contacted us to work on the new website she was designing for National Drapery, it was an exciting opportunity for Katy Dockrill to bring her flair for sewing and love of home decor to an illustration assignment!  The new ND website was the inspirational vision of Natalie Hartman, who was a delight to work with.  Visit the ND homepage and see how Lila and Katy literally brought Natalie’s vision to life here.

1_©Katy Dockrill_KD285_i2iArt

The new website design also included a series of drawings to highlight the many custom products National Drapery offers.  Katy adores creating for surface design, so when Natalie asked her to include an indication of patterns to depict various textiles and bring some flair to these more technical illustrations, she was happy to oblige.  The result?  These little gems…we’ve combined a few of our faves here:

©Katy Dockrill_KD305_i2iArt

2_©Katy Dockrill_cornices

5_©Katy Dockrill_headboads_WEB